Why Us?

Why choose Thanh Lich Tek?

·        Quality

·         Cost

·     Customer commitment

But that is just the beginning. Here are a few more reasons:


  1. Development Time
    • By hiring top level programmers and by effectively leveraging specialized resources we are able to shorten the time it takes to develop and maintain software.
  2. Proven Methodology
    • We use Agile methodology that have shown excellent results for many companies.
  3. Experience
    • We have over 15 years of experience developing superior software applications.
  4. Positive Attitude
    • We understand what it takes to get a job done and show up prepared and excited to do the work.
  5. Customer Service
    • We have always dedicated ourselves to superior customer service and it shows in the quality of the relationships we have with our current customers.


It's simple..   We save you time and money.