Project Management and Automation

Define results, set priorities and manage team based on a simple project management system. The system is deployed on the web allowing easy access to multiple participants.

Project management activities

The main goal of project management is to develop an acceptable information system on schedule and within the allocated budget. Projects usually involve a team of analysts, programmers, technic al specialists, and user representatives who work together. Managing projects is the continuing, iterative process by which an analyst plans, controls, and executes tasks and resources, and communicates progress and results. Specifically, project management involves the following fundamental activities:

- Planning a project, including:

  • Determining and sequencing the required tasks
  • Estimating the time required for completing the tasks
  • Allocating the staff and resources to perform the tasks
  • Budgeting the tasks
  • - Controlling the execution of the project, including:

  • Coordinating the tasks and resources according to the plan
  • Monitoring and measuring project progress against the plan
  • Presenting and communicating progress and results with management, team members, and clients