Let us be your on-call IT staff

Support for companies with existing software

In today’s environment it is important to have lowest possible cost, which makes software support task perfect candidate for outsourcing. Among outsourcing companies we are a small player that is looking to partner with its customers, rather than dominate certain software market. This difference allows us to support various software projects, and focus on supporting complete customer business process. Many vendors only support systems developed with specific technology.

Software support is as important if not more important than software development.  Most software becomes unusable if it is poorly maintained.  Issues include unsupported business processes, incorrect or poorly maintained data, and lack of business ownership.  We resolve these issues while making sure IT systems run smoothly.  For a low fixed fee we include development resources to modify systems to support new or changing business processes.  We make sure the data in the system is correctly and properly maintained and work closely with the users to address their needs.

We use internal support systems for bug and issue tracking for all customers so that we can address issues in a timely manner.  Customers report problems in an easy to use format and get a response within several hours.  In addition to being a great tool that extends our support service, the software  helps us measure and improve the quality of our work.

When you need it, for no extra charge.